The PRP penile injection is a revolutionary procedure using PRP or platelet-rich plasma to bring relief to men dealing with erectile dysfunction. The treatment was created for the improvement of male sexual function and to provide satisfaction for both the men and their partners. The PRP penile injection is a safe injection containing the platelet-rich plasma of the individual used to stimulate the growth of new tissues and rejuvenate the penis.

The result is more frequent, firmer, larger, and improved erections. PRP is taken from the body of the man having the treatment. This individual’s own PRP is much more natural and effective than the majority of other treatments available for erectile dysfunction. The procedure only requires fifteen minutes to provide long-lasting results. The treatment is revolutionary because it uses the PRP from the body of the patient to rejuvenate aged and damaged tissues.

Numerous men have found satisfaction with this procedure. The treatment is effective, natural, and can treat Peyronie’s disease as well. There are numerous benefits associated with the PRP penile injection.

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The Benefits of the PRP Penile Injection

  • The circulation in the penis is increased to help ensure a healthier organ
  • Assists in the correction caused by diabetes damage
  • Increases the size of the penis
  • Helps alternate therapies such as oral medication work more efficiently
  • Increases pleasure and sensation
  • No lumpiness or allergic reactions

The best candidates for this procedure are

  • Men interested in a more erect and stronger erection
  • Men who have had prostate cancer or are suffering from an enlarged prostate
  • Men suffering from Peyronie’s disease
  • Men interested in increased sensitivity during sexual relations
  • Men who do not respond to the medications for erectile dysfunction
  • Men wanting an increase in both girth and length of their penis

The PRP penile injection is considered to be a cutting edge treatment for the rejuvenation of the penis. The procedure enhances new tissue growth to improve erections. This is a much more natural way to treat ED because the platelet-rich plasma comes directly from the body of the individual. Some men have felt a slight pressure during the actual injection, but no pain during or after the treatment.

In most cases, only one or two injections are required. The procedure is scheduled three months apart to help ensure optimal results. The results generally become apparent three to four weeks
after the procedure. In some instances, the results are noticed a lot faster. If the desired results do not become apparent by eight weeks after the procedure, another injection may be necessary. There is no down time and sexual activity may be resumed immediately.

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One of the first things to note before determining if you are a candidate for PRP treatment is that erectile dysfunction can present with varying severity and is not always diagnosed as impotence. This means that a good PRP candidate has experienced either a loss of function or any form of dysfunction, including difficulty having or maintaining a normal erection. Additionally, those experiencing problems with their confidence and relationships due to any degree of dysfunction could be good candidates for the procedure, as well as those looking for a more natural option than the usual medication-based or surgical treatment, which can be expensive and time-consuming.

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The latest advances in platelet-rich plasma (PRP) research have allowed the development of PRP treatment for erectile dysfunction.

The procedure is simple and involves drawing some of your own blood and separating it in a centrifuge, which results in a rich plasma that contains all the powerful growth factors of your blood. Once this super-potent plasma is ready, a local anesthetic is applied to the shaft of your penis, and the plasma is injected into the numbed area.

The entire procedure takes approximately 45 minutes, and once it has been performed, the patient can go back to his normal activities.

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Contrary to other, more invasive forms of treatment for erectile dysfunction, PRP has an extremely short recovery period. Most patients can resume their normal activities on the same day or the day after treatment. Even so, it is always best to follow your physician’s instructions to prevent any infection at the injection site. You may experience some swelling and irritation following the injection, which should clear up after a day or so.

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Men who receive PRP treatment for erectile dysfunction will notice a remarkable increase in their erectile function, from achieving to maintaining and enjoying a stronger, longer-lasting erection. In many cases, men have noticed an increase in penis size.

PRP treatment has shown many benefits in helping men enjoy a fuller, more satisfying sex life.

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